Adirondack Unfinished Natural

Pressure Treated “Unfinished Natural” Adirondack Furniture

NEW LOGO Our Pressure Treated Unfinished “Natural” Adirondack Chairs, Furniture and Accessories will, over time, turn into a beautiful silvery Patina gray. Which leaves you with a timeless treasure (and envious neighbors).

All of our Adirondack Chairs and Accessories are Proudly Made by Us in the USA. We use #1 select premium and D & Better Grades of Southern Yellow Pine which Has Been Specially Treated With an -Environmentally Family Friendly- pressure treatment (ACQ) and Then Fully Dried Before Using to Make Furniture.  Hardware…Also Very Important and Can Mean The Longevity of Your Outdoor Furniture.  All Bolts/Washers/Nuts are Genuine Hot Dipped Galvanize Coated While the Screws are Coated Galvanize Steel and  Nails Are Standard 1- 1/2″  “Stainless Steel” Brads.

As an option: We offer and can add a factory Sherwin-Williams / Duckback Clear UV Wood Protector. This penetrates and nourishes the wood which will additionally help protect against the brutal outdoor elements.

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