Painted Furniture

NEW LOGOOur Adirondack Furniture is available in 14 Different Vibrant Color Finishes…Many of Which Specifically Coordinate well With Our Adirondack Chair Cushions.

Our Painted Adirondack Chairs, furniture and Accessories are Made Entirely By us in the USA. We Use #1 Select Premium and D & Better Grades Southern Yellow Pine which Has Been Specially Treated with an -Environmentally Friendly- Pressure Treated (MCQ) Being More Suitable For Painting and Different Than That We Use for Unfinished Furniture. Again All Lumber has been fully Dried and Cured Before Using.

After Cutting into Furniture Parts…Each Part is Individually -Hand Sanded- Before Assembly into Furniture Insuring a Smooth Initial Spray Application. Every Chair & Accessory is Prime Coated with a Stain Block Primer and lightly -Hand Sanded- again.  Then two (2) Coats of the Color Finish is Applied by Spray Application. We use only Sherwin-Williams latex based industrial grade paint finishes, one of the best quality and nationally known paint companies in the industry.

Hardware: So important which can mean the longevity of your outdoor furniture. All Bolts/Washers/Nuts are genuine hot dipped galvanize coated while the screws are coated galvanize steel and nails are standard 1-1/2″ galvanize steel.

If it doesn’t say Weathercraft®, you just don’t have it.