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Accessories - Chair Cushions

Adirondack Chair Cushions always SHIP FREE when Ordered with “Any” Chair(s)

Weathercraft® Outdoor Furniture products are completely and proudly made in the USA. Every individual piece is hand-crafted and finished in our manufacturing facility with strict attention to quality and detail.

We use only “C” and #1 premium furniture grade lumber for all of our Adirondack Furniture, Chairs, Swings and  Accessories. Our furniture utilizes pressure treated pine (sometimes referred to as “salt treated”) which has fully dried after treatment for better protection against decay, rot, and harmful insects. Our Lumber is 98% knot and blemish free, grades which are not typically found in most building and lumber supply stores.

Our Standard Furniture selections include the Adirondack Chair, Adirondack Footrest, Accent Side Table, Adirondack Rocker, Adirondack Balcony / Pub Chair, and Classic Adirondack “Tete-a-Tete” Double Seater(s). Every piece is also -available- in our “Commercial Series” line in Unfinished Natural or any of our Painted Finish Colors.

Additionally look in the “options” section of each page, and you will see Stainless Steel optional hardware upgrades including with our very durable Swings.  All SS screws, chains, & hanging hardware are available for swings.  

“Designers Choice” Adirondack Chairs & Accessories … A nationally recognized name designed and manufactured by Weathercraft® Outdoor Furniture, Inc.

Adirondack Chair Cushions: Don’t underestimate the added comfort Adirondack Chair Cushions give to our already very comfortable Adirondack Chairs. We manufacture our cushions and they take you to a whole new level of seating comfort.

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We also offer Umbrellas, and Chair Cushions (constructed with Sunbrella® & Sunfield® outdoor furniture fabrics, which are not only beautiful, but also incredibly durable).

Step Aside Polywood 

We have bought polywood chairs in past years and although they are nice chairs, they are also very expensive. They also get chalky over time. Hearing so much about Weathercraft, we ordered 4 commercial series chairs. OMG were we impressed. These chairs far exceed our expectations with a finish that is exceptional for much less cost.  Gregory M. | Galveston TX.  May 2021    

Who Would Have Thought?

About 2014-15 we decided to splurge and buy “Polywood” chairs for one of our rentals thinking they would last forever. Forever, not the case. Last year we had simply repaired and repaired and could no more. In June we purchased Weathercraft Commercial Grade Chairs. All these months later we have no regrets and they are holding up GREAT. Comfortable and good quality.  Reece H. | Savannah, GA  Jan. 2021      


We were utterly amazed finding these balcony height chairs to look over our balcony railing on the 5th floor. We can actually see over the rails up and down the beach w/o having to stand. LOVE THESE CHAIRS.  Ross J. | Clearwater, FL    Oct. 2020


We were on vacation on the Outer Banks of NC and the place we rented had these chairs all over. Probably the best of any Adirondack Chairs we’ve see so we looked for the name on the chair. When we we returned home went to the web and ordered. Now we have the same comfort on the deck at home and couldn’t be happier. Randal & Josie O. | Hopewell, VA. Sept. 2019

Top of the Mark Chairs

We purchased 2 of these chairs for our condo balcony. We now have an unobstructed view over the railing and love it. Our older kids love them so much, we got 2 more weeks later. Before purchasing I read the reviews which is helpful. To the person that didn’t like the screws showing in the arms, in my experience with amateur woodworking projects I’ve never found a wood filler that would remain in wood filled holes exposed to the weather. Wood expands and contracts with the weather and will soon pop out.  Jim W. | Myrtle Beach, SC. May 19, 2019

Commendable Service

We purchased chairs from a company that sells Weathercraft back some 4-5 years ago. One of the arms broke off….it just broke so I called the manufacturer for a replacement arm. To my surprise I spoke to the company owner and he said…. No charge for the part sir if you’ll just pay the small shipping cost. I received the arm and they even sent screws. To me that’s a good ol American Company.  Charles L | Conroe, TX  July 2018 

Our Vacation Find

While on vacation at the beach we fell for these chairs immediately. Weathercraft was easy to find online and we were so excited to order when we got back home. Now they are on our deck and poolside.  Abby & Jon | New Jersey  June 2017        

Great Chair

I bought two of these chairs because the weight limit on them is 350 lbs., per the manufacturer. They seem to be very durable, the wood is smooth & doesn’t have knots in it so it will look good for anyone who wants to stain it with a transparent stain. They are comfortable as-is but I will probably buy some type of pad for them for extended sitting times. The height is great for older people & when sitting on a deck with a tall handrail.  Patsy C. | Atlanta, GA. May 21, 2016

Wonderfully Pleased

I really didn’t think we would ever be pleased with any Adirondacks because so many just are not comfortable. These are top of the line in comfort and quality. Never really seen this type furniture so clear and without all the knots. Thanks for making such great outdoor furniture.           Guss A. | Ocean City, MD Aug. 2015  

So Nice

Ordered 2 of the double seater chairs which exceeded all expectations. We then ordered 4 regular chairs this time with cushions. Again totally pleased. I must say to my surprise, these cushions make a surprising difference. Quality and Comfort A+.  Mazy & Allen D.  St. Simons Isl. SC  June 2014


Weathercraft® Outdoor Furniture has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of the Top 10 Best Adirondack chairs, maintaining a 4.5 to 5 star rating among those who purchase and review our products.

To order, please call us toll-free at 1-888-682-9244, or locally at (336) 629-3939. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, AND approved checks.

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