Commercial Furniture

Commercial Series “Heavy Duty” Adirondack Furniture

NEW LOGOWeathercraft® Offers The Commercial & Resort “Heavy Duty” Adirondack Furniture Specifically Made For Use Much Heavier Than Typical Homeowner Areas.  This Series Differs From Our Reguar Line Whereas Brad Nails Have Been Replaced By All Screws Making it More Suitable For Commercial locations, Resorts, and Rental Properties.

The Commercial Adirondack Series is Made to Withstand Much “Heavier”  Day to Day Use Over That of Normal Homeowner / Residential Areas. The Comercial Series is  Very Beefy, Heavy Duty and Will Last For A Long…Long Time. For Those on or Near The “Salty Coast” We Also Offer an”All” Stainless Steel Screw Upgrade Option.

Be sure to also browse our fabric selections for your chair cushions and umbrellas.

This Series Is In Every Way The Same Comfortable Furniture As The Original Classic Adirondack Series…just made tougher and stronger for heavy duty use.

• Developed For Heavy Use Such As Resorts, Hotels, Rentals & Country Clubs
• Made To Withstand Much Heavier Use
• Manufactured With ALL Screws and Bolts
• Available In Unfinished Natural or Any Painted Finish Color
• All Stainless Steel Screw Options Available For Coastal Climates
• Optional UV Weather Guard Protector Available for Unfinished Natural.

 Commercial Adirondack Products:

  • Adirondack Chair

  • Adirondack Rocker

  • Adirondack Double Seater

  • Adirondack Side Table

  • Adirondack Footrest